Alchemy – No matter what’s going on in your life you can banish & release

SANNGITTHA SEGU, a Fortune Academy student, testified her experience recently, as to how she used Alchemy to get rid of her bad habit that she had developed recently. Sanngittha in the past few months to one year duration, got a game installed in her phone. And she started playing the game. Whenever she got free time, even if it is for 2-3 mins, she would prefer playing the game first. This habit got the better of her to an extent that, even if she had some work to do on priority, she would postpone that work and play that game first. 

Since she was attending the Fortune Tuning classes, she realized the value of time and she was determined to utilize her time wisely. So she decided to get out of this addiction. Initially, she thought she would uninstall the game. Then she thought to herself, that uninstalling the game is escapism. So she decided to keep it, but she wouldn’t open the game. 

  She controlled her instincts to play the game and she was very successful in overcoming the temptation to open the app. She successfully transmuted her urge to play the game into doing constructive tasks. 

Moreover, she also got better in getting more work done, on a daily basis. Now she has become 2X more productive in a day, as compared to her older self. 

She also brought about changes in her eating habits and diet. Now that she understood the importance of food, and how it affects our energies and productivity. She started including protein shake and millets as well in her diet. 

She also had the habit of getting disappointed very easily, over trivial matters, and especially, if things don’t go as per her expectations. But now she learnt that, by keeping our energies to the maximum level, and by keeping ourselves motivated, positive and inspired, we can get more things done, than we can even imagine. 

So, overall Sanggitta is going through a massive 360 degree shift in her life. All these wins she was able to achieve, just within a single session of the Fortune Tuning classes. Every area of her life, has drastically improved. She is a living example of Alchemy. She attributes all her success to the classes she is attending with Fortune Academy.

A lot of times, addictions are only because of unfulfilled desires. So when you are working with the fortune tuning process, when you’re raising your vibe, all your bad habits will automatically fall off.

This is the reason why we need to get consistent in daily morning rituals such as breathing and chanting,because your vibe goes up very high, and all the people who are around you who are not good, even they will move away.

 Anything and everything that doesn’t serve you, will automatically fall off. That’s the power of the process. Whatever doesn’t serve you, you can release it immediately. It doesn’t take much time.You just release it, and fill that space with positive activities.

Breaking a bad habit is not easy, but by following alchemy, you can transform negative behaviors into positive ones. Remember to be patient and persistent, and to celebrate your successes along the way. With time and effort, you can break any bad habit and create a healthier, happier life for yourself.

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