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Only 27% of Indian adults – and 24% of women – meet the minimum level of financial literacy as defined by the Reserve Bank of India.

Join the community of world class investors and learners to create multiple streams of income for yourself

Study under the guidance of strong mentors who provide you tailor made solutions to make your journey of investing smoother and faster.

Fortune Academy aims at providing financial education to students and investors by teaching to invest in multiple assett classes to enable them safely  diversify and choose passive income streams based on their lifestyle

Investing provides many amazing opportunities that have long term growth potential for investors.

Having learnt from the best people in the investing world, and with an experience of training thousands of students, teachers at fortune academy offer you the best financial education you need in the most practical, safe and systematic way possible to create multiple streams of income for yourself. 


Meet Dr.Mani Pavitra


Dr Mani Pavitra is a gold medalist in  orthodontia, an entrepreneur running multiple businesses health care ,hospitality and event spaces. Her passion lies in helping people achieve financial prudence through investing. An active investor , owner of multiple businesses she has studied with some of the best brains in the world when it comes to investing.

Dr Mani Pavitra has inspired thousands of mothers to lead healthy lifestyles through her social intiative million moms and it is her wish to see individuals also achieve financial fitness through this education

Mani Pavitra has worked with world class mentors like Reshveen Rajendran,Mac Attram,Blair Singer to name a few.Her commitment to bring true difference to the lives of others makes her a tough task master and a great teacher.

Meet Pradeep 


Pradeep has over 14 years of experience in the field of investing.

He has live experience with multiple asset classes be it real estate, businesses ,stock markets or international business oppurtunities.As an investor Pradeep has seen both the high and low periods on his investing journey and has attended many investment courses in Singapore,india and other places.

Pradeep’s clarity of teaching coupled with genuine and handson experience make him an amazing teacher to learn from.

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