Investing Mastery

Some of the fundamental questions that every investor wants an answer to are: WHAT to buy? WHEN to buy? HOW to hold/sell?

Some of the simple steps for follow are:

  • Finding great business at reasonable valuation
  • Holding them for long period of time

According to Thomas Phelps’s , to make money in stocks one must have – “The vision to see them, the courage to buy them and the patience to hold them.”

There are multiple areas to be focused on when it comes to stock selection

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What to look for: 

“Every human problem is an investment opportunity if you can anticipate the solution”. 

Companies that have new methods, new materials and new products – basically things that improve life, that solve problems and allow us to do things better, faster and cheaper.

Study markets and invest in long term enterprises which have the potential to vastly outpace other companies and industries and stick with them as long as the theme is intact. So lesson is one needs to stick to the original theme and if it is intact just hold on.

  • Track record to earn a high return on invested capital
  • High gross and operating margins for long period of time

Gross margin is a good indication of the price people are willing to pay relative to the input costs required to provide the good. It’s a measure of value added for the customer.

Pradeep Yarlagadda

Iam Pradeep Yarlagadda an investor turned trainer and coach.I have been investing in multiple assett classes for the last 15 years