Are you truly living YOUR life?

Each new day is a beautiful gift given to us by the Universe. To wake up each day is such a brilliant gift that we are getting. How well we are utilizing this gift, is what determines how energetic we are in a day. If you observe a drop in your energy, it means that you are not aligned with your goal, and creation is not happening from you. It shows that you are not giving your best effort in the present moment. 

There is absolutely no difference between you and the universe. The basic nature of the universe is to CREATE. It creates all things so beautifully, and it happens so effortlessly and naturally. 

We as human beings, also create so beautifully. Have you ever thought of it?

How do we create? 

We make art, create relationships, games, music, communities, change, stories, teams, progress, cars, houses, software, love, manifest wealth, wealth, create our success, business, culture, create value system,…etc.

There’s so many things that we create.If you look at us as humans, we are creating all the time. And the second way that we create so beautifully is we create Life.

What are you choosing to create in your day to day life? It’s a choice that you get to make every single day.

What I am choosing to create today is my contribution to this earth. That is where there is absolutely no difference between universe and us. What does the universe do? It supports and gives everything so beautifully. It’s very natural right, the sand, the earth, everything that you see is out of nature. The support is endless. In the same way, each of us has an endless capacity to create whatever you choose in your life. And that’s a choice that we have every single moment, because you have access to unlimited potential.

 So what are you choosing?

  • Are you choosing love? 
  • Are you choosing happiness?
  • Are you choosing gratitude?
  • Are you choosing lack?
  • Are you choosing no support?

When you choose to create limited belief systems for yourself, the Universe provides you only with limited. But if you think you have immense support, and the entire Universe,is going to make things happen for you, you can create anything that you want in your life, irrespective of the challenges and circumstances you are going through. So, if you learn to enjoy life as it comes, every hurdle becomes an opportunity, and every challenge becomes a blessing in disguise. You will start treating Life like a game of snake and ladder, where you are the master of the game, and you are having fun in the entire process. If you find the ladder of opportunity, grab it and if you encounter a challenging snake, slide down its back, just like a toddler, enjoys riding the slide. Having fun is the key. 

How you choose to deal with life, that is your all encompassing and ultimate power. 

You should never give away your power to any person or any circumstance which chooses to put you down. That is when you start growing exponentially. Always learn to be yourself whatever your situations is.  When you have the purest intention, you will be elevated to places beyond your imagination.

 The only thing, that you need to always remember in any kind of situation is 

“How can I push my limits and put my best foot forward?”

It’s very, very simple and easy to do in this moment. How can I be the best version of myself. Always be a doer and an action taker. If you realize that your power lies in raising your frequency to highest in the present moment, and seize your power back, inspite of the challenges, you will become unstoppable. 

Viinod N, our Fortune Academy student, has made some very impactful shifts in his life and career. Viinod is in the fitness and sports niche, but his passion lies in cinematography. Though he is very talented, and has a lot of skills, he never believed in himself. 

He had attended the retreat recently with Fortune Academy, and something positively opened up for him. After the retreat, he started using his social media in a massive way. Before the retreat he had 554 followers, but today he has got 40k followers,  from less than 500 views, it has crossed 4 million plus views. After his experience in the retreat, whenever he posted in social media, he would remain very positive, and started believing in himself and the universe. Thereafter, there is no turning back for him, he started getting requests from many international students as well. 

He also learnt to manage his energies, and not give away his power to anybody, but take control of himself and his situation. All these days, he was playing small, instead of rising up to his potential. Now he knows, what he should be doing, and he has now set up his own system and programs in the online space, and he is now ready to scale massively.

So, if you are playing a smaller or a different game, life hits you hard and the Universe will give, you a redirection, where you are supposed to be, and what you actually need to do. 

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