How eager are you to create change

Tulika Banerjee, our Fortune Academy student,  was describing her experiences, and how she overcame the challenges in her life. Her biggest win is the shift in her mindset. She has learnt to overcome the blocks and limiting beliefs in her mind, and has learnt to stretch herself and achieve all her goals, whatever the situation might be. 

After meeting her mentor, Dr. Mani Pavitra, through the Fortune Tuning sessions, just within 3 or 4 days of attending the session, she was able to overcome her biggest challenge of overthinking and anxiety. She used to feel very low frequently, when  something didn’t happen as planned. But now after attending the Fortune Tuning sessions, she learnt how to take control of her mind, and stay positive throughout the day. 

She is now determined to rewrite her destiny, and take her life into her own hands. And to achieve this, the only consistent habit she has to develop is to wake up each day and attend all the live sessions of the Fortune Tuning classes. Initially, she was in a dilemma, as to how she will make it happen. Now, attending Fortune Tuning classes is her priority, and that is what is going to change her life completely. She is determined to attend all the live sessions, consistently. This is how she made it possible.

Her son’s school bus arrives at 6.40 am sharp, and she needs to drop him on time. She sets her alarm and wakes up daily at 4.50 am sharp. 

The previous night itself, she ensures that all the vegetables and fruits are neatly cut, and put in the refrigerator, so as to save the cooking time in the morning. The breakfast preparation is also done in such a way that, all the ingredients required, are placed in an easily accessible place, in order to avoid the last minute rush in the morning. The muesli pack or the oats pack, along with the bowl and spoon are kept in an easily accessible region. The snacks such as protein bar and juice are also packed the previous night itself. 

Her son’s uniform is also neatly pressed, the previous night .Even the things, such as tie, belt, tag, socks, towel…etc are also neatly arranged and ready the previous night. The school water bottle is also filled and ready for the next day. During this time, she ensures that all the family members have had their tea and coffee in the morning. When she is cooking in the morning, she cooks multiple things simultaneously on three different burners. When tea/coffee is getting ready, simultaneously her son’s lunch also gets ready, along with that the morning breakfast is also prepared. Even the smallest and the minutest details of the daily chores are taken care of, and it is ensured that everything is planned and pre-prepared the previous night. 

After she gets everything ready, she arranges it on the table. Then, she helps her son wake up at 5.15 am, and prepares the bed and arranges his room neatly. She ensures that he freshens up and has his breakfast by 5.40 am. And then, she makes sure that her son, her husband, and herself join the Fortune Tuning classes by 5.45 am, which is ahead of time. 

Meticulous planning and detailed implementation of the plan, and above all her rock solid determination to scale up her life to the next level, is what has allowed her to consistently attend the 6 AM Fortune Tuning classes. And this determination and consistency, had led to showing results and real impact in her life. Hard Work pays off and the purity of intention with which you do things is what really matters. When you really want to make things happen, the entire universe conspires and makes it happen for you. 

Tulika has now changed the way in which she uses social media. She used to make connections and provide guidance and solutions to her possible clients. But, there was some missing element, and doing all of this was not working in her favor.  

For the past 7 days, she changed the way in which she works with social media. She decided to add value to her possible clients, without expecting anything in return. She has now learnt the right way to network with people, and add value to their growth. Now she is aligned with whatever she is doing, and she has now got 2 to 3 consulting calls for her business as well. 

The next big win for her is,  overcoming the hesitation of posting on whatsapp. Earlier, she used to keep changing her whatsapp status, frequently, and make changes to it, based on who should see and who shouldn’t. But now she has come out of her shell, shedding all her inhibitions, she now keeps posting in Whatsapp status, irrespective of what other people think. She has come to realize that it is her business, and she needs to make her business work somehow. 

Another win for her is, apart from her regular roles and responsibilities towards her family members, she is able to attend the morning 6 AM Fortune Tuning classes well before time.

This shows that she is eager to bring about change in her life, and she is willing to grow. This attitude shows that she is now ready to step up to the next level, and she is eager to change herself and bring a massive shift in her life.

Change is the only constant in life, and in order to grow and improve, we must embrace it. Whether it is personal growth, societal change, or environmental progress, creating change is a necessary part of life. However, the desire and eagerness to create change can vary greatly from person to person. There are several aspects to creating lasting change. 

In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, the author mentions about a common thread throughout the book for achieving lasting change and transformation. And that is “Unwavering Determination”, If you have rock solid determination, to transform yourself and reach your goals in life, combined with strong belief in yourself, you can do anything in life.

Another aspect is the “fear of change”. Majority of the people start feeling insecure, about new changes happening in life, and hesitate to embrace the new life. If you are unafraid of change and have the courage to embrace anything new that comes your way, you can definitely reach the pinnacle of success, in whatever you do. 

You need to be an action taker, in order to realize your dreams, and materialize your goals. Just having it in your head and hopefully dreaming about your success, doesn’t serve you. 

Last of all you should be able to accept failure, gracefully and with utmost calmness. Because failure is inevitable, and you need to learn from each failure, and use it as a stepping stone to level up to the next phase of your success. 

The bottom line is “How badly you need something?” determines your level of commitment and determination, in whatever you want to achieve. 

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