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Dr. Mani Pavitra

Finance and Business Coach, An Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

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Learn How to Manage Your Cash Flow​

This session emphasizes that financial self-care isn’t optional but necessary for your health, happiness, and life purpose.​

Prepare You Mindset For Right Opportunity

Joining this session can elevate your life and patterns where you choose the right opportunity and pick te one you want.

Learn How To Have Growth Mindset

By experiencing this session you will realize how its important to have a growth mindset and you start implementing it right away along with your expert

Balance You Emotions Towards Life

Learn to balance your emotions with related to money, health and wealth in different situations and phases of your life.

Practice Gratitude Along with your Expert

This session walks you through how to attract abundance and money flow in your life along with your peers which will strengthen your power to manifest anything you need.

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Meet Dr.Mani Pavitra


Dr Mani Pavitra is a gold medalist in orthodontia, an entrepreneur running multiple businesses health care ,hospitality and event spaces. Her passion lies in helping people achieve financial prudence through investing. An active investor , owner of multiple businesses she has studied with some of the best brains in the world when it comes to investing.

Dr Mani Pavitra has inspired thousands of mothers to lead healthy lifestyles through her social intiative million moms and it is her wish to see individuals also achieve financial fitness through this education

Mani Pavitra has worked with world class mentors like Reshveen Rajendran,Mac Attram,Blair Singer to name a few.Her commitment to bring true difference to the lives of others makes her a tough task master and a great teacher.

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