Alchemy -The  All Is Mind

You can achieve whatever your mind can think and conceive.

Usually, we think that for some big things to happen, something dramatic needs to happen. But that is not true. It is simple, consistent actions, taken with a lot of confidence, conviction and belief, is what actually matters. 

 What is it that you really care for and what is it that you really want? How committed are you in taking action and making your dream come true. The Universe, should be in awe of the level of commitment and effort you are putting in, to make things happen. How badly you need something? The Universe, will put together things in such a way, that everything happens in your favor. The Universe will now contribute in such a way that it will make things happen for you.

You don’t have to think how something will happen. You just have to take action and work towards your goal with utmost sincerity and honesty. Everything will fall in place, at the right place and at the right time.

If you start doubting yourself, and do not trust in your own capability, how do you think that the Universe will trust and support you, in what you want to achieve, and where you want to reach. The Universe will think that you are not capable of receiving what it wants to offer you, and you might loose the opportunity of growing. If somehow you trust the process, and make things happen, the Universe will trust in your capability and shower you with multifold blessings and opportunities. 

Your business is to mind your mind. Your business is to mind your energy. You have to learn, to mind your time. These are the only things which are completely in your control. The uncontrollable aspects are not in our hand.

 Mental creations are no outside materials, they don’t involve reducing yourself or fragmenting yourself. All that you need to do is believe and work for it sincerely and honestly, with all your heart. That is the only thing which is needed from you.

This life is meant to be lived joyfully and not stressfully. We are not going to chase our goals in a stressful manner. Learn to live mindfully, and in the moment.

 You need to ask yourself the following:

 Am I creating any stress for myself and people around me, or in this moment? 

Am I creating more love and more joy for people in my life?

This is the secret to unlocking abundance in life.

Archana Rathi, our Fortune Academy student (diamond level), is ecstatic about her new venture in Nanded. She was sharing her win, during the Fortune Tuning session. The enquiry for this project came to her from Linkedin. She recently upgraded herself as a diamond student with Fortune Academy. As part of the Diamond program, she was asked to start following up on social media and leverage her business. 

Her main challenge was that she didn’t believe in the power of social media, but when her mentor , Dr. Mani Pavitra asked her to leverage social media for her business, she did it blindly. She had no clue how things will happen for her, yet she did it with blind faith in her mentor. She simply gave her best in doing the task.

 In order to start with the project, she received 3 lakh rupees, to complete the preliminary drawings. The project is going to be like a Raj Mahal. where each and every detail is going to happen like a mahal. The property is a 40 acres property, and 23 acres is the building. A big political family in London wanted to build that house, and later convert it into a star property. This is a generations project. 

She says that this is the biggest ever project for her till date. She never got any such project of this magnitude. It is not been even a month that she enrolled into the Fortune Academy diamond program. She was able to achieve all of this because she follows all the instructions given to her to the ‘T’, and puts in all the work as exactly suggested by her mentor. She is an action taker and an implementer. 

When she got this project, she had no staff in her office. Inspite of that,  she made things happen. She went to the office personally, and worked things out along with her team and other partners of the company. With her sheer determination, she overcame all the obstacles, and made it happen, for herself and her company.

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