Revealing: The Step-by-step roadmap to create a personal brand that hypnotises people to buy from you and become your lifetime loyal fan

Become an Undoubted Brand at what you do

111 Videos in Just 3 Days

Video Creation Bootcamp

I also want to create 111 Videos in 3 Days 💪🏻

Regular Price = 1 lakh | Today Price = 45,000 + GST |
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Masterclass Date: 16 – 18 August 2024
Masterclass Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM



Mani Pavitra

What Are The Platforms We Will Talk About?

What Will You Learn

in the 3-Days Video Creation Bootcamp?

Who Is This Workshop For?

Business Owners | Soloproners:

Market your business with the help of personal branding

Doctors | Dentist | Super Specialist:

Get more appointment booked and build a strong authority

Finance Proffesionals:(CA | CS)

Who knows the importance of personal branding more than you.

Digital Marketing Proffesionals and Agency:

Get your calendar flooded with consultation bookings

Tranier and Coaches:

Increase your organic sales of your courses

Freelancers | Copywriters

Who wants to become an online brand

Regular Price = 1 lakh- | Today Price = 45,000 + GST |
Prices Increasing Soon
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Listen to what 100’s of Coaches and Creators like you have to say

About your Coach?

Dr Mani Pavitra is a Doctor, Coach, Author & International speaker who has shared the stage with the World’s Leading Indian and International Coaches, including Robin Sharma.

She is a successful serial entrepreneur, Investor & Coach who has conducted hundreds of workshops on Financial mindset and Management for more than 5+ years.

She has been at the forefront of e-learning landscape and she has come up with an
irresistible value-packed offer for all those who’ve attended workshops on content creation but haven’t done it. She has taken a pledge that in just 3 days, she’s gonna ensure people CREATE 111 PIECES OF CONTENT in her 3-DAY ONLINE BOOTCAMP.

Sign up and Show up for a Life Changing Experience!

Meet Dr. Mani Pavitra

The Architect of Your Transformation
Doctor | Investor | Coach | Healer | Author & International Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Absolutely. Dr Mani Pavitra will cover the A-Z on creating video. It is designed in a way that’s beginner friendly.
A. You’ll need a smartphone with a good camera, a laptop for editing, and a stable internet connection. We’ll cover affordable options for additional equipment during the bootcamp.
A. The bootcamp runs full-day for 3 days. We recommend blocking out 8-9 hours each day for the best experience.
A. We’ll guide you on setting up DIY backdrops and props. We have 50+ Backdrops and props available we’ll provide instructions on setups.
A. While we don’t provide overnight accommodation as part of the bootcamp package, we highly recommend booking your stay at a nearby hotel or guesthouse for your comfort and convenience. Our venue is located on Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills, which is a prime area with numerous excellent lodging options to suit various budgets and preferences. To make the most of your bootcamp experience and avoid any travel-related stress, we suggest choosing accommodation.

A. Great question! This is not just any ordinary workshop – it’s an intense, transformative 3-day Video Creation Bootcamp where you’ll be creating over 100 videos. To ensure you get the most out of this experience, we strongly recommend the following:

Arrival: Plan to arrive one full day before the bootcamp starts. This buffer day allows you to:
• Settle into your accommodation comfortably
• look amazing on videos
• Get a good night’s rest before the intensive sessions begin
• Make any last-minute content scripts

Bootcamp Days: Be prepared for three full days of immersive learning and content creation. Each day will be packed with activities from 9 AM to 4 PM, with some evening assignments.

Departure: We advise booking your return journey for the day after the bootcamp concludes. This extra day gives you time to:
• Process and reflect on everything you’ve learned
• Organize your newly created content
• Rest and recharge after the intensive 3-day experience

Remember, you’ll be creating over 100 videos during this bootcamp! It’s an exhilarating but demanding process. Having a day on either end of the bootcamp will help you maintain peak energy and focus during the sessions, and allow you to leave feeling accomplished rather than exhausted.

This schedule also provides a buffer for any unexpected travel delays or last-minute preparations. Your full engagement is crucial for maximizing the bootcamp’s benefits, so please plan your travel accordingly. We’re excited to guide you through this transformative journey in video creation!

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