“Process > Outcome: Achieving Goals Mindfully”

Goals motivate us to work hard and strive for success. However, many of us become so fixated on the end result that we forget about the journey that leads us there. Focusing solely on the outcome can create anxiety, stress, and frustration, and even lead to failure. That’s why it’s essential to shift our focus from the end goal to the process itself. By embracing the process, we can achieve our goals in a more enjoyable and sustainable way.

Whenever you are trying to achieve something or working towards your goals usually, we tend to focus on the final outcome or the result. If you are focused on the final result you might not be able to give your best because you are worried about the final outcome.  But if you are focused on the process, you will find ways to do  the task in the best possible manner.

 If you are trying to do something with a sense of urgency or despair,  it might take away everything from you. Your job is just to do the task and take action and the best possible outcome will happen for you.

The process is everything that happens between where you are now and where you want to be. It includes the steps you need to take, the habits you need to adopt, and the mindset you need to cultivate. The process is the foundation for success, and it’s what sets successful people apart from those who struggle.

If your goal is to get over your financial crisis and you are getting into some get rich quick schemes in order to overcome financial issues quickly it is similar to holding the ocean sand tight in your hands that slips away from your fingers. All the urgency, fear and worry that you have is not going to serve you. It can create an imbalance. It will make you do bigger mistakes, therefore it is important to focus on the process then the final outcome.

“Instead of putting all the intensity, on the outcome, focus on the process” – Dr. Mani Pavitra

When you focus on the process, you become more present and mindful of what you’re doing. You’re not thinking about the future, but rather, the here and now. This level of awareness allows you to stay focused and motivated, and it also helps you to enjoy the journey. You begin to appreciate the small wins along the way, which can give you a sense of accomplishment and progress.

The benefit of focusing on the process is that it helps you develop better habits. When you’re focused on the outcome, you may be tempted to take shortcuts or engage in behavior that isn’t sustainable. However, when you’re focused on the process, you’re more likely to develop habits that are conducive to success. You may start to wake up earlier, eat healthier, or exercise regularly, all of which can help you achieve your goal.

Where focus goes energy flows. You need to think of what is it that you can do today in the present moment towards achieving your goals.If you are outcome oriented it stresses you out. The outcome puts a lot of unnecessary pressure. It will put you in a very unhealthy space. It will put you in a much worse financial state.

Do not forget the process and jump on to the outcome.If you are planning to be debt free, and you are focusing on how fast you will be debt free, this will put you in unnecessary stress.  Your focus should be on how much money can you save? What income sources can you add on?

The outcome is not in your control. But the important action steps that you need to take every single day in order to reach that goal is in your control. You will start getting greedy and your ambition starts getting negative, when you become focused on the outcome, rather than the process. 

“Ambition is not enough. Groundedness, with small, simple action steps, will help you get everything in life”- Dr. Mani Pavitra

Begin to imagine that your goal is already done. Every goal that you set is already done. Everything that you wish for happens. It is just a matter of time. The goal might manifest, today, tomorrow or after few years, depending on what action steps you are taking towards achieving these goals.

The only thing that you need to do is take action on a daily basis, and focus on the process. If you are anxious it will keep you far away from your goals.  Reaching your goal is also absolutely normal, just like travelling to a destination. No one can stop you from, reaching your goal.

Preethi Adusumilli, our Fortune Academy student, is the best example, for focusing on the process, more than the end goal. She had got an awesome business offer recently, and it was a very tempting one. But when she realized that the offer was not in alignment with her values for business, she declined the offer.  It was a big decision for her to make. It was definitely a very alluring offer, but she chose to stand by her values and belief system.

“You make the process happen. The Universe will make the goal happen.”

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