Do you often justify procrastination with these excuses? 

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It’s easy to come up with excuses when we are not determined or confident enough to get things done. Instead of increasing your productivity, if you choose to procrastinate, you are damaging your wonderful life with your own hands. Our mind prefers to stay in its comfort zone, and that’s when our intellect has to interfere and tune the mind to the right path. 

Procrastination can have serious consequences on both personal and professional goals, and it’s important to find ways to overcome it and stay motivated. Whether you’re struggling with procrastination at work or in your personal life, check out if you are giving the following excuses. If you find these relatable, make sure to take action as quickly as possible.

I’m not experienced enough:

Remember! All the experts today are once amateurs. If you want to master a particular field, you have to start at some point. If you don’t start, you will certainly stay where you are. In the worst case, you degrade in your career as your competitors transcend you. But there is no scope for moving forward if you don’t take action simply because you lack experience. 

Take the help of a mentor if you feel underconfident to get started. 

For example, I mentored many people who wanted to start investing in the US stock markets. Similarly, I’ve taken the help of other mentors to complete tasks of which I don’t have much knowledge. So, you gain experience only when you “act.” So, act instead of thinking all the time.

I don't have enough resources:

In the era of the internet, if you think you don’t have enough resources, you better re-think!

This is because the internet is an ocean of information, and it can help individuals to find solutions in a matter of a few clicks. If an individual lacks a particular skill, they can find online tutorials, courses, and other learning materials to help them acquire the necessary skills. In short, the internet has made it possible for people to access an almost limitless range of resources, making it less valid to use a lack of resources as an excuse for not achieving their goals.

I'm too busy:

If you are really that busy, you have only two options. Be satisfied with what you are doing or figure out ways to be more productive. Automate tasks using the vast range of tools available out there. Outsource tasks that can be taken care of even when you need not be actively involved in them. 

All the successful entrepreneurs out there are the most busiest ones. But how do you think they are amassing such wealth? By automating and outsourcing. That’s it! Lack of time will no more be an issue for you.

I'm waiting for the right moment:

This moment is the best moment to start. Because nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment. In fact, past moments and future moments are either memories or imaginations. But the reality is this very moment in which you are living. So, if you want to start something, start right away and it’s okay to fail in completing the tasks, learn from those experiences and again start repeating the cycle until you achieve what you deserve. 

No matter what excuse you have, justifying procrastination will never be the solution. Because nobody cares until you do it! 

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